Galletas Coral is a solidly based family concern, heirs to a rich tradition of former master biscuiteers, which has been able to gain favour with a number of generations of consumers through our traditionally-made products. While maintaining our respect for our roots and our tradition, we are committed to innovation to preserve the quality of our biscuits, with a passion for a job well done and close attention to health, sustainability and customer care. Galletas Coral faces up to the challenges of these times through teamwork and the personal and professional development of the people who are at its heart.

Our company has firm social values and a strong commitment to Miranda de Ebro, the town where it has been based from the beginning. These values and this commitment can be clearly seen in the Coral Foundation, the brainchild of José Luis Solana, who combines his love for Miranda and its surroundings with defence of the environment and support for various local social projects.