Fundación Galletas Coral


In 2016 José Luis Solana set up the Fundación Galletas Coral. It was a way for him to bring together two passions: his love of Miranda de Ebro and its district and his desire to look after the environment and support anything which represents a benefit for the community. “After so many years of work and with the factory firmly established” José Luis explains, “you feel obliged to give back something of what you have created and received from society”.

Cerro de la Picota


The foundation’s first project was to recover the environment of a symbolic spot in Miranda: the “Picota” (Pillory) hill. José Luis recalls the caves where he used to play as a boy, his football pitch, and the place where they used to hold the parties to celebrate the Sunday after Easter. Replanting the hill with trees had been an old idea put forward by the Town Hall over thirty years earlier. For a whole series of reasons this desire had never been fully brought to pass – despite a few initiatives to plant a few hundred trees – and as soon as the Foundation was set up, José Luis revisited his old dream.

With the selfless support of the forestry engineer Gonzalo Tobalina Gutiérrez, who drafted the technical plan, 3,500 trees have been planted on the central plateau and on the north and south-facing slopes. These trees are supported by stakes and bear the names of the friends and neighbours of José Luis. The project is completed by an overhanging viewing platform, designed by the Zárate Miranda architects’ studio, which has a glass parapet and a steel orientation table on which you will be able to see the silhouette of the peaks for 180º around Miranda. A car park, various footpaths and the possibility of using the lift up to the castle to access the viewing platform, make it easy for visitors to reach this point which thereby becomes a new attraction for the town.

“My dream has always been to create and grow and today I still want to live and create.”


The Fundación Galletas Coral has other projects underway.

It has made a donation to support the work of the researcher Diego Clemente, who leads his own research team in the National Paraplegic Hospital in Toledo and for 12 years has been looking for a cure for multiple sclerosis.

And together with another large company which started in Miranda, Aciturri, and the collaboration of the University of Burgos and the Fundación Caja Burgos, it supports training in new technologies for Miranda’s children and young people with the robotics space in which they can learn about the techniques which are changing the world.

Through the work of the Coral Foundation, José Luis Solana continues to make his dreams a reality: “My dream has always been to create and grow and today I still want to live and create.”