Looking ahead

With their long, rich history, Galletas Coral faces the future with the ambition of becoming a benchmark among family businesses adapting to modern times.

Thus we are committed to innovation, we are modernising our facilities and we have purchased a state-of-the-art production line to make the same biscuits we have always made, but better and better each day.

Because we want to be winners in the future, we are working to increase our client base and take our products beyond Spain. Because we are committed to our land, to the health and welfare of our workforce, we are committed to sustainability and the environment.

Our company holds firm social values and is strongly committed to Miranda de Ebro, where our roots have been ever since our foundation. These values and this commitment can best be seen in the Coral Foundation, the work of José Luis Solana, which combines love for Miranda and its surroundings and defence of the environment and support for various social projects.